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So, why fat-moose?

Well, my daughter has a moose (a soft toy, not the real thing [Mum wouldn't let us]) and its fat, one day she called me fat moose and well it's now stuck!

I'm hoping it is like 'Little John' from Robin Hood but I'm not sure! 


Anyway, fat-moose is an exciting, new design company run by husband and wife, James and Sally. What started out as a hobby creating designs for friends and family has now become our passion.

Our designs extend to art, candles, furniture, lighting and garden sculptures. We have fun with our work and create our pieces from brand new materials in addition to ensuring where possible we can up-cycle and reconfigure. 

For the art, James utilises his graffiti artwork skills to create unique, often classically British designs on a clear acrylic medium. Each outline is hand-cut and the nature of the painting method ensures that each piece is unique. The striking designs mean that the artwork can look stunning in homes, offices, bars or restaurants.

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