If you would like to commision a specific painting please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote. Please email: jbsmanning@hotmail.co.uk

Commission Pieces

  • We welcome commissions and have produced many different variations of either our current designs, company logos or specific pieces such as the two shown in the mages above.


    We will provide a quote and expected lead time for your commision.


    'The Girls' was a commmission for a painting of three sisters. Their side profile was used to provide a silhoutte linking the three together.


    'The Lookout' was a commission for a painting of a statue and costal outline for a location abroad that held fond memories for the clients.


    The clear acrylic enables the wall colour to show through and provide shadow and depth to the painting. Each painting has a minimum of four different contrasting yet complimenting colours.  


    Size: It is possible to provide the paintings in any size.


    There number of holes in the acrylic sheet for mounting to the wall will depend upon the size of the piece. The fixings used are 'stand-off' style which positions the paitning 19-25mm from the wall ('stand-off' mountings included).


    The method used to paint these pieces ensures that no two items are the same so each piece is unique.

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